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Review: Housing is a Human Right - Ep. 3 - SquareOne Villages in Oregon, USA.


The third installment of "Housing is a Human Right," our newest webinar series, introduced us to SquareOne Villages in Eugene, Cottage Grove, and Springfield, Oregon, USA. Dan Bryant and Andrew Heben gave us a run down on how their organization started their project, giving us details on how they function, the models they have studied and use for land development and ownership, and lots of questions answered by our audience.

During the webinar, we had lots of connection freezes at the beginning with Dan while he shared the history and heart of their project. Dan graciously re-recorded his part without freezes so that you can learn without interruption their origins. That has been added and edited into this episode, so if you were in the live session, you can now watch the first third without connection issues! Thanks, Dan, for doing that

Our webinar series includes conversations with Amber Fogarty of Community First Village in Austin, Texas; Dan Bryant and Andrew Heben of SquareOne Villages in Eugene, Cottage Grove, and Springfield, Oregon; Camille Winnie, Tim Stay, Sam Grenny, Moe Egan, Russell Pearson from The Other Side Village in Salt Lake City, Utah; Nate Schlueter of Eden Village in seven cities in four states; Missouri, Virginia, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania; and María Fernanda of Techo in Monterrey, Mexico.

The video is already on YouTube! (embedded below)

Some important time stamps on topics covered during this episode:

1:35 - Sharing about SquareOne Villages – History, Location, Heart.

8:20 – intro of Andrew Heben, Urban Planner, background

11:00 - description of villages

– Here we get into the nitty gritty logistics -

24:37 - Ownership Structure

26.13 - Community Land Trust

27:10 - Limited Equity Cooperative

28:45 - Combining CLT and LEC

29:32 – Advantages of Co-op Land Trust Ownership Structure

31:34 – Emerald Village

32:35 – Cottage Village

33:00 – C Street Village

34:52 – Peace Village (In a Church lot)

36:27 – The challenge of Peace Village

38:41 – An inspiring story

40:40 – Q&A

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank the team at SquareOne for the vast amount of information they provided us during their hour-long episode. I want to emphasize that, just like last week's guest, SquareOne village does have ways to REPLICABLE. You can learn and get trained by them and bring those ideas to your community, and who knows… partner up with many and build your tiny home village to end the pain of so many people experiencing homelessness.

Some noteworthy websites to check out:, especially their toolbox, and to get started on your journey!

Join us next week as host Tim Stay, Camille Winnie, Sam Grenny, Moe Egan, and Russell Pearson from The Other Side Village in Salt Lake City, Utah, by registering here. 

With love,


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Friday, 02 June 2023
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