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Short & Sweet

Short & Sweet

These last four weeks I've been writing about the Gala and each of the Humanitarian Awards we will present on November 12 at our Global Gala. The week before those blogs appeared, I wrote about the Global Gala Gallery. (I got high marks in school for my understanding of alliteration). Each week as I wrote these entries, I felt a little gu...

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Pathologies of Power


Deogratias Niyizonkiza: An Example of Self-Actualization "What a man (sic) can be, he must be," so said Abraham Maslow the proponent of the theory of self-actualization. I remember reading that Maslow thought that few people got to the full potential of their capabilities when it came to be self-actualized. Well, Maslow never met Deogratias Niyizon...

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Each Art Piece is a Rendering of Compassion


Art isn't captured only in shows and installations. Art is everywhere in raw form—and as a part of this year's Global Gala the Charter is introducing a Gallery filled with wonderful creations from an extraordinary group of people—each taking an idea, feeling or passion, adding the raw ingredients and creating a personal masterpiece. Some of these m...

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Art as Inspiration Gives Rise to Compassion!

Art as inspiration gives rise to compassion

InBodiedLight Being #9 from back, ZaHaVa Sherez, InBodiedLight Being #9 from the front.  Art is not often passive or silent. It can hold fantasy, depict reality, convey emotion, carry gravitas, transport one to other places, and trigger a physical reaction. The art of ZaHaVa Sherez is engaging and inspiring. First, I find myself glancing,...

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How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~Maya Angelou


I've got celebration on my mind. Perhaps it is because at the Charter for Compassion we are in the midst of planning our 2022 Global Gala, during which we honor three extraordinary individuals who have made more than significant contributions to the world and one organization that has done the same. We won't announce the names until the end of Sept...

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